awful - awfully

awful - awfully
The adjective awful is used in two ways:
In conversation, you use it to say that something is very unpleasant or of very poor quality.

Isn't the weather awful?

Gas smells awful.

The road is awful; narrow and bumpy.

In writing or conversation, you also use awful to say that something is very shocking or distressing. account of that awful war.

My husband had an awful death.

The adverb awfully is used in a completely different way. It is used in front of an adjective to emphasize that someone or something has a quality to a great extent.

You're an awfully kind person, Dr Marlowe.

I'm awfully sorry.

It's getting awfully dark.

Note that awfully is only used in conversation, and is a rather old-fashioned word.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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